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Jai Vasicek and Beau Taplin Ignite

Jai Vasicek

Posted on May 10 2017


The Jai Vasicek X Beau Taplin candle collection is a not only testament to Vasicek’s growing reputation as a boutique homeware designer, but a leading example that when two universal beings combine their talents the result is nothing other than transcendent.

Born from a long-time admiration of Taplin’s work the collaborative efforts of Vasicek’s four-piece collection is designed to balance elements of ethereal mediation alongside sensory pleasure.

Speaking of the collaboration Jai, a firm believer in the power of words to evoke memories, set a mood and inspire, said that Taplin’s use of words had often “ignited fires within his imagination” and so when it came to balancing these manifestations alongside a signature scent Taplin was the “very first person I thought of”.

Enlisting the capabilities of Patterson & Steele to further aid his artistic direction Jai has amorously handpicked four original Beau Taplin quotes to adorn his sleek vessels. These four all-season candles aptly titled ‘Buried Light’, ‘Bloom’, ‘Only You’ and ‘Wild Ocean’ each befit a different mood provoking feelings of serenity, conveyance and nostalgia.

When it came to selecting fragrances Jai sought the aid of designers Patterson & Steele to balance scents that were not only reminiscent of his aesthetic, but also a subtle representation of the AHOY Trader customer. As such the four-piece collection boasts the coastal combinations of aged rum, sea salt and sweet smelling caramel as well as fresh vintage roses and garden-fresh pomegranate – did someone say Mothers Day gift?

And the lavishness doesn’t’ stop there each candle is hand poured in Australia using only the finest organic materials and comes housed in an original constellation inspired artwork. Speaking of his creation Jai wanted a “clean burning and non toxic candle that was sustainably sourced” and so “we started with a natural soy wax, added a pure cotton wick”.


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